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eagle observation in the delaware river highlands

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Today, the Delaware River Highlands is one of the largest bald eagle wintering grounds in North America. Hundreds of eagles return here each winter for the undisturbed habitat, open water and ample fish populations that they need in order to survive winter. Every year, more and more eagles decide to stay and call this place home. Eagles mate for life and return to the same general areas from which they fledged. Nests are reused and added to each year; becoming eight or more feet deep, six feet wide and weighing hundreds of pounds. Breeding pairs in the Delaware River Highlands continue to have successful seasons each year.

The Eagle Institute

Although eagles can be seen in the Delaware River Highlands region year-round, mid-December through February are the best months for viewing. The Eagle Institute has trained volunteers posted at public viewing sites throughout the area on January and February weekends to help visitors spot eagles and to answer questions. If you don't want to try it on your own, opt for a guided tour in heated vans during the winter season. You can help collect data and monitor habitat conditions, as well as have fantastic opportunities to see our mighty national symbol at play. The Institute's winter field office shows educational videos, has maps and directions to public viewing sites, and offers lesson on “Eagle Etiquette” and safety while watching for eagles. The Eagle Institute's website offers eagle news, including a message board listing timely information on sightings.

The Eagle Institute Winter Field Office is located in Lackawaxen, PA, just across the river from Sullivan County, NY at the historic Roebling Bridge. Hours: December through mid March, Fridays, 1pm -4pm and Saturdays and Sundays 9am - 5pm.