Milford Heritage Tour of Pike County, PA in DRH region

photo of the "bloody" Lincoln Flag in columns museum of milford, pa

Columns Muesum of Milford, PA in Pike County Pennsylvania

The Columns Museum, operated by the Pike County Historical Society, is housed in a Neo-Greek Revival mansion and showcases a fine collection of art, artifacts and ephemera from generations of ancestors, with a special focus on Pike County and the surrounding areas.

Chief Thundercloud photo in columns museumStep through the doors of this magnificent mansion, formerly a private residence, and be transported back to a quieter era. Exhibits include the famous “bloody Lincoln Flag,” which is believed to have cushioned the dying president’s head after he was shot at Ford’s Theater in April of 1865. Civil War artifacts, historic farm tools and firearms, Native American artifacts, the Hiawatha stagecoach, vintage gowns and uniforms, photo albums and period letters, musical instruments and kitchenware are all on display, as well as special seasonal exhibits. Also exhibited is a room dedicated to Pike County resident Charles Sanders Pierce, mathematician, scientist and founder of “pragmatism.”

The genealogical archives of the museum offer extensive materials through which information can be found about the folks who settled in Pike County and nearby areas.

Exhibits and resource materials related to:
Hiawatha stage coach in a milford, pa parade

The bloody Lincoln Flag
Chief Thundercloud
Charles Sanders Peirce
Gifford Pinchot
The Hiawatha Stagecoach
(exhibited within the porte-cochere of the museum)
18th and 19th century Vintage Clothing Collection
The Schocopee Schoolhouse archive
Genealogy – Extensive catalogue of Pike County residents
Books, Art, Artifacts & Photograph Collections

Located at The Columns, 608 Broad Street in Milford, Pennsylvania, the Society welcomes visitors to the museum during regularly scheduled hours, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (April 1st to June 30th), (September 1st to November 30th) and Wednesday - Sunday (July 1st to August 31st). Visitation by groups is encouraged, and hours are also available by appointment. The Columns offers school programming that can be geared to all age groups; outreach programs are also available. Admission is $3.00 for adults and $.50 for kids.
For information please call 570-296-8126.


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