Recreation Activities in Pike County, PA

old photo of men fishing in Milford Glen part of Pike County, PA

Fishing in Pike County, PA

The Delaware River Highlands area offers thousands of places to fish for species such as trout, bass, walleye and American shad. Fishing licenses, available at most sporting goods stores and some town halls, are required for anglers 16 and older. An additional permit is required for trout.

fly fishing on Delaware River upper section, part of the delaware river highlands regionTrout are abundant in most of the fast-flowing cold streams and rivers in the region, including the Delaware and Lackawaxen Rivers. Smallmouth bass can be found in both rivers and the larger of the streams. Walleye are deep-water fish, which can be found in Lake Wallenpaupack. American shad and stripped bass are mostly found in the Delaware River. Largemouth Bass, pickerel and other species prefer the ponds and lakes, like Peck's Pond and Lake Wallenpaupack.

Boat Access

Boat accesses are plentiful and most are free. Not every ramp is suitable for every craft as not every body of water is suitable for every craft. Please pay special attention to signage. Delaware State Forest has 11 lakes and ponds. Peck’s Pond has two launch sites. Large power boating is available on Lake Wallenpaupack. Smaller powerboats and watercraft, like canoes and kayaks are ideal for most other waters.